Two minutes on the banks of Loch Eriboll.

If you had to pick the remotest most beautiful stretch of coast in the UK, then Loch Eriboll would be right up there. Backed by snow capped mountains, facing out to the remote North Atlantic and steeped in Scottish and Viking history it is magnificent. But even here, in such a remote corner of the UK plastic debris finds a home.

There are few parts of the UK so stunning in any conditions
Micah Lester dragging a buoy, which we found had only come from two miles up the loch. These are used to anchor huge ropes which mussels grow from.
The haul in two minutes, but it wasn’t everything.
The TFA box company ceased to exist in 2010, changing its name to PPS east and is based in Grimsby. This is a 25kg Salmon box, likely lost by one of the nearby farms. They pride themselves in making transport boxes which are multi use thus saving on the environment. I spotted this lump of yellow a mile away on a grey beach and it started a beach clean.

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