A walk in the wind



Too windy to surf, no matter how it looks.

It was one of those days at the tail end of a Scottish winter, cold, gale force off shores and enough swell to get some fun slabs activated. Sadly though they were not surf able, although one was beyond spectacular in the howling offshore. (If you’d like to see more of that slab, sign up for the digital postcard which will be going out tomorrow HERE). I’m up here for a week searching for some waves and looking into the marine litter, which sadly I’ve already found way too much of, even on this very high energy stretch of coastline.

This was all just from a walk of 200 metres, and this isn’t even half of it. I’m here with some pro surfers as well so we’re going to do a clean up of this stretch as best we can, it’s one of the best coves in the UK and seeing the debris on a lot of it is disheartening.

Will be back tomorrow with more, thanks for everyone who has supported me so far, we have some incredible exclusive imagery and further tales coming your way.


Pepsi, we’re going to clean this stretch of this beach in the next couple of days, and tot up which bottles and cans come from each giant drink manufacturer, Pepsi or Coke, it’s alarming the amount of rubbish just these two put int he sea, go back to glass bottles!




This fish tray is from a company based in Zeebrugge in Belgium, about 1,300KM away, likely it fell of a boat, and more recently than 1999 judging by the state of it.
This bottle is from Iceland, I know this as I have in the past purchased it, a sparkling water flavoured with lemon from the Toppur brand, an Icelandic soft drink maker owned by Coke. Did it drift/get blown all the way from Iceland? Or did it make it some of the way by boat? would love to know.


This flip flop has been at sea for a while judging by the limpet growth, sadly no clues on its origin.



The amount of ghost gear is frightening


2 thoughts on “A walk in the wind”

  1. This is exactly the same debris that is brought up all along moray firth coast, the amount of debris from fishing boats is incredible, they even seem to throw over the empty milk containers because they get washed up even before the sell by date… Guardians of the sea they are not! Good luck on your venture and hope you find some good waves..

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