Get involved with The Plastic Project


Join The Adventure! – This has gone from being a very personal photographic project to a full on crusade. Organisations like Surfers Against Sewage are doing an incredible job, and beach cleaning and lobbying is essential but I want to bring this problem to the masses, in the same way the Midway Project has highlighted it in the Pacific, and man. You can read everything in detail on the about page, but essentially it’s the power of the image, and then taking these images on the road to people who aren’t coastal folk to make them realise what the hell is going on. If you want to help, and I would really appreciate anything, then there are five ways you can. This is my way of crowd funding, just it is continuous so you can get involved at any time. The whole project is not for profit, it is to raise awareness and I’m doing talks already from film festivals to schools.

Then there are four ways to join the adventure, each one will mean you’ll get unique images delivered to you in one form or another which you can use for desktop or mount on your wall for the next two years –

The Digital Postacard – Everywhere I go I’ll mail you a digital postcard, with updates on the mission, the shot will be big enough and sick enough that you can have it printed and framed for your wall. If you want it bigger for some reason, I’ll send you a full res digital file that you can blow up as big as you like. It will be around 30 limited edition shots in total. (unlimited) Click Here – £10


The Real Postcard – Everything that you get with the digital postcard, but I’ll also send a one off shot through the post old school style. So you get a one off print and a digital print and constant updates and invites to talks and gatherings. (4 left of 50)  Click Here – £25


The Book – You’ll get the digital postcard, the real postcard and a coffee table book of the adventures. The stories, findings, adventure and photos printed on high quality photo stock, beautifully bound using sustainable and recycled material. There is only going to be 100 of these in total, a really special collection of photos and words. Each copy will be numbered and signed, and you’ll be invited to a Small Gathering, where shots will be exhibited and there will be a slideshow around the project. The postcards start now, the book will be finished in late 2015 early 2016(8 left of 50) Click Here – £40

The full collection – All of the above, the digital postcard, the book, the real postcard, plus you’ll get a limited edition print from every expedition, that’s an incredible image for your wall from Greenland, Iceland, Scotland, Ireland, Spain, Russia, Svalbard, norway, Scotland and The Faros. (3 left of 25) Click Here – £100

Also looking for places to do talks, I already have a lot lined up, but if you’d like an inspirational slideshow and film evening just let me know.

Finally if you’re a company drop me a line, if you would like to sponsor the project I’d be happy to talk –

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