The week in plastic – part 3

The most interesting part of doing this project is probably the number of grass roots projects there are out there working towards getting pastil out of our oceans. Weather it’s lobbying to stop it at it’s source or collecting it as it washes up on our coastline.

Out of everything I have come across or been talking to this week, this is perhaps the most incredible project, and I can’t wait to see the next video, if you didn’t believe we have a problem with plastic in the ocean, then watch this.

One beach One year – January from Neil on Vimeo.

Then there is this from Shetland News, hit the link to see the video of this seal being saved. But just illustrates that even the most remotest parts of the British Isles suffer. In fact Shetland is in the firing line for so much litter that crosses the Atlantic that it’s amongst the worst places in Europe.


As always if you want to help make a difference join up with Surfer’s Against Sewage and especially get involved with the spring beach cleans.




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