The Week In Plastic – 2

It has been a pretty big week when it comes to plastic and marine litter in the news so here is a little round up just to remind everyone how important it is that we all do a little bit to stop anything making it to the ocean.

8 Million Tons of plastic heading for the ocean every year

This story has hit every major news outlets across the planet, hit the link here for the BBC News version, and the map below is pretty telling, the UK and northern Europe whilst not the worst are high on the list, as well as the US and anything East coast US puts in the ocean, comes our way –



Plastic in the stomach of Guls

This is a shocking picture that the guys at Rame Peninsula Beach Care posted, pretty incredible, to the left of the tweezers is the amount of plastic found in the gut of a northern fulmar. To the right of the tweezers this amount is scaled up to the equivalent in a human stomach. Every autopsied northern fulmar from the English Channel area now has plastic in its gut. Researcher Alice Trevail is very keen to get hold of any dead fulmars found to conduct further much-needed research into plastic ingestion. Please contact her for more information on: (Picture credit: Jan van Franeke)



Surfer’s Against Sewage

Spring is just round the corner and the guys at SAS ate sorting out their big beach cleans, time to sign up and help out, cleaning our beaches isn’t the longterm solution but we’ve all go to get out there and do it. Click the shot to find out more.


Riz Boardshorts 

A crowdfunder worth supporting, making board shorts from plastic picked up on beaches.


The Plastic Project

This week we are shooting a piece on three rivers, to illustrate where this rubbish is coming from, it’s pretty shocking, and then we’re on the road, Scotland, Norway, Ireland and Cornwall adventure and environmentalism all together. We also have some new dates for talks and slideshows going live tomorrow so stay tuned.

As always if you’d like to get involved that would be awesome, whether it’s help funding this not for profit project, or if you’d like me to come and talk adventure and environment to a group, school or society.





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