Looking Back – Mexico

Going to make this a once a week feature for the next couple of weeks, I’ve found looking at old trips a true test of how bad marine litter is in places is to look at trips were I wasn’t actually shooting it. So starting here with Mexico, here’s a glimpse at a very high energy pacific beach break.

It’s pretty interesting, that aside from a few plastic bottles all of the litter it is just smaller pieces of plastic, mostly along the tide line, but it’s still there, coloured dots are in every shot, at the time I didn’t bat an eye lid, but looking back actually annoys me how much they detract from the shots. I can remember just up the coast a huge fishing net washed shore as well, and smaller chunks of net like the one in the shot of skimboard Brad Domke below. Like I said I wasn’t actually there shooting rubbish, and even though not as spectacular as the last look back post of Iceland, it’s there, in every shot.


mex_8 mex_7 mex_6 mex_5 mex_4 mex_3


Got a couple of interviews coming this week and more from Iceland before I hit the road again. As always massive thanks to the sponsors.


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