Iceland Part 2

Cheers for all the emails and messages of support for this project, been a while coming I know. Got one question from a friend Craig over here in Suffolk, wanting to know if the marine litter issue is a problem that I have found because I am looking or something that has always been there. He doesn’t surf so spends a lot less time on the beach than surfers do, but got me thinking, if marine litter is making it onto beaches now, it would have been over the last ten years, and I’m bound to have the odd shot from Iceland I didn’t know I had taken. So been back through seven Icelandic surf trips, shots which have sat on a hard drive since the trips, unused, probably only looked at once.

2006 – epic trip with Ian Battrick and Toby Atkins for three weeks in August. Fun beach breaks, pizza and camping.

Ian and Toby on the south coast of Iceland, just behind a storm ridge, with plenty of plastic bottles laying around.
Same place and you can clearly see old fishing crates and plastic bottles.
Toby punting at one of the fun beaches we scored

2007 – Spring 2008 with Ian Battrick, Timmy Turner, Josh Mulcoy, Sam Hammer and Chris Burkard. Going back through the archives found this one incredible beach on the Greenland Sea absolutely littered, never been back there, but will now having seen these shots. Just goes to show I was oblivious to the issue back then, this is a beach which if you headed straight off it the next solid feature is the Arctic Ice cap.

Sam and Ian picking their way through driftwood, and the unmistakable multi-coloured mess of rope and plastic.
This shot more than any of the old ones I found has blown me away most, this beach is remote, so far from any major population centre, yet it is covered in rubbish.
Josh Mulcoy on his way out at the same spot past an oil drum
Meanwhile, same trip, but on the south coast of the island and a fishing buoy ads some colour to this sunrise!
It was an epic trip but seem sleek no matter how remote we went there was rubbish.
It was an epic trip but seem sleek no matter how remote we went there was rubbish.

2009 I couldn’t find too much in the way of debris shots, it was a quick trip, but 2010 and 2011 were a different matter.

Timmy Turner contemplating this freezing pointbreak, with plastic along the foreshore.
Glad I did, but feel ashamed now, that I used a couple of fishing buoys to make this shot of Ian Battrick a little more interesting
That’s Eyjafjallajökull in the background the year after the eruption, and this beach out front was just dotted with fishing buoys, a pretty amazing amount.


I’m going to go through more and add to this, but in answer to Craig’s question, yep it was there, and no I wasn’t looking but my camera still found it.

As always massive thanks to the forward thinking sponsors who have helped get this project off the ground. If you’d like to get involved email me or check out this page where you can bag some amazing limited edition prints front he expeditions.



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