The Plastic Project

Just a detergent bottle washed up on a French beach, there are so many down there, it barely goes noticed


Last winter I had a moment whilst giving talks about my book Numb and the previous six years of wilderness surf exploration. I realised that wherever I had been there was litter, didn’t matter how remote, the ocean was bringing back our garbage and dumping it on remote beaches. I started to talk about this, and through the power of images, not statistics, started to get some people excited. Those people were just regular folk like you or I, but I realised I had an opportunity to get this message out there by going to remote and not so so remote bits of the North Atlantic. Thus the plastic project was born.

It started to gain momentum early last summer, a group of forward thinking companies got behind me to help, for which I am hugely grateful. What happened next has blown me away, and with the support and interest the whole project has become way bigger than I ever thought it would. It’s meant things have taken  little longer to be put into place, but as of today, The Plastic Project is in full swing. 2015 is going to be a year of epic expeditions, and talking a showcasing what I find, in some of the remotest parts of the planet.

This beach is hours from civilisation, yet it was covered int here plastic/foam pipe insulating tubes.



Of course it has already started, anyone who follows this blog will know, but it takes on a whole different course now, an acceleration, the first full expedition report will drop later today from Iceland, which will then be followed by four more parts. I have other photographers from all over the north atlantic feeding the site as well, I have fisherman in the North Sea, Norway and The Faroe Islands dissecting their catches just to see what fish have in their stomachs, and photographing them. I even have a scientist on Novaya Zemlya (google it), dodging polar bears, recording Arctic waste.

What is more I’m going to be travelling everywhere myself as well, it has already taken me to Spain, France, England and Iceland, now the next six months will see me hit Ireland, Scotland, Faroes, Norway, Iceland, Greenland and Newfoundland, on an incredible photographic journey, part surf adventure bigger part environmental crusade. I’m not alone organisations like SAS, 2 Minute Beach Clean and The Five Gyres to name just a couple are doing epic work, but it’s bigger than all of us, statistics, parliamentary campaigns, grass roots cleanups and education are all needed, but most of all we have to change the whole planets perception of what we are doing to sea, and right now we’re killing and in the long term ourselves.

Norway, at the end of the Gulf Stream hides some dark scenes of marine litter


To make this happen I have had the support of a great group of very forward thinking companies, content from these trips will be popping up all over the own media streams. There is also a chance to back it yourself and receive so pretty awesome rewards in return, how about a limited edition print every month for the duration of the project?

Of course as well as raising awareness, I’m talking to people who have the solutions, as well as hopefully educating all of us on what can and cannot be recycled, and how to stop using basics like plastic bags.


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