Guest Post – Morocco

Just before I was about to release the first full blown PP expedition to Iceland I got a message from fellow Suffolkite and Wavelength web legend Lewis, he’s in Morocco. The message simply said – “Yoooo, saw the filth and thought of you, in a good way” – This is mental, the lineup I took a few years back is just a couple of miles from here, crazy, crazy amount of plastic bottles, we’re screwing our planet and walking through plastic to go for a surf is getting way too normal. Everywhere we need to stop using plastic where we can, and where we can’t it needs to be recycled, obviously there are other priorities in some countries, but a lot of the blame has to rest with the choices we make in the developed countries pushing plastic onto the rest of the world rather than more sustainable materials.

Morocco November 2014-6308 Morocco November 2014-6314 Morocco November 2014-6323 Morocco November 2014-6260


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