France Dispatch One – 10cm squared of sand and one minute of time

That’s all I gave myself stood in front of the Quik Pro contest area. Just a random patch of sand, on a random bit of French beach, just happens I was shooting the Q Pro at the time. It is certainly no reflection on the contest either, the lengths that the ASP/Quik are going to keep the beach clean with full recycling bins as well as regular bins and beach cleaning is spot on. This little haul though took a minute to sort, from just 10x10cm area of sand and all at the tide line, all of it marine derived litter. Now if you multiply this by millions the scale of the issue down here on the coast in France becomes totally overwhelming.


I’m down here for the first proper mission around the plastic project, this is just a teaser of what’s to come, as always surfing as well, and the top men and women have been destroying the French beaches.

Jordy Smith
Gabe Medina

As always massive thanks to sponsors, and to all individuals who have backed the next 18 months of expeditions and adventure, you’ll be getting your first prints and postcards in the next couple of weeks.


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