The Grand Plan

Marine litter is choking our planet’s oceans. Whilst researching and prepping for the next year of expeditions the issue has just gone way beyond even where I thought it would take me. I’ve seen fish from the North Sea dissected to reveal stomachs containing plastic, beaches in Norway chest deep in rubbish at the end of The Gulf Stream, the remotest parts of the Arctic strewn with fishing buoys which originate from as far away as the Caribbean, and this is just the beginning.


Now as we head into autumn and then winter, thanks to the backing of a group of dedicated sponsors the full on expeditions begin. First it’s down to France and Northern Spain to look at the issues associated with the Biscay garbage patch, a huge eddy in the middle of the Bay of Biscay which spews forth rubbish onto some of the best surfing beaches in the world.


Then it’s on to the other end of the problem and the North Atlantic nations, iceland, Scotland, Ireland, Faroes, Norway, Greenland and Russia. All of them on or at the end of both the Gulf Stream and storm activity pushing rubbish ashore. It’s a pretty massive project, you can follow the whole thing right here or through my social media or any of the associated sponsors. I’m also doing a series of talks as i go, the first of which will be in October so stay tuned for that. In the meantime if you’d like to help check out the page here – Get Involved – If you’ve already pledged for post cards, the first one will be not he way shortly, thanks to everyone for their support, the adventures and findings relating to it are hopefully going to inspire everyone to look at the way we all live, and it’s not about getting rid of all plastic, just using it responsibly and recycling it and if there is an alternative that is economically viable lets use it.


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