San Fransisco to ban plastic bottle sale on city owned property

Just over 50 billion plastic bottles of water are purchased in the USA alone every year, with only between 20-25% of these being recycled, leaving 35-40 billion bottles to either enter landfill or be discarded into the environment. This isn’t a US bashing statement either, most of the rest of the world is just as bad when it comes to recycling.


We’ve started a tally on what we actually find on beaches and plastic bottles are right up there, and there is only one way to stop this, and it’s not to use them. Recycling is good, but for the economics of recycling to work it means creating another plastic based item, it’s best not to create them in the first place.

So it’s good to see one major US city started to forward think, as San Fransisco this week has announced a ban not he sale of plastic water bottles on all city owned property, sure it doesn’t solve the problem but it’s a start.

Best way to solve it is to buy yourself a metal or glass water bottle and never use plastic again, after all water does come out of taps, streams and springs and we don’t need to pay for it in plastic bottles.


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