French Storm Line

Clean perfect France, unlike the beach.
Clean perfect France, unlike the beach.

I’ve been down in France, doing a little research and also planning a trip on a boat out to the Biscay garbage patch. But in between took a walk on the beach at Capbreton. Anyone who has been to SW France knows about the tractors, they clean the beach everyday. On my first visit I presumed it was to tidy up after tourists (that was 20 odd years ago), now I know it’s more to clean up the plastic and other litter that washes up with every tide or onshore breeze. But those tractors turn round and the beaches they don’t clean are littered with plastic and other debris.


What was more shocking though was the storm line. The beaches obviously got battered this year and whole trees line the top of the tide/wave mark. But all around them, half covered by sand is thousands of bits of plastic, like a huge amount. These shots are a combination of wood and plastic, but just in this area there are thousands and what’s more beneath the surface it’s way worse.


Apparently the whole stretch is going to be turned over and sieved by the tractors, but due to the larger bits of debris it isn’t possible at the moment. What it now looks like is a weird combination of wood, plastic and sand, not great to walk across, and ruins one of the most stunning stretches of beach on the planet.

storm1 storm2 storm4 storm5


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