Guest Post – It’s not just what gets washed up

It’s easy to think that all litter comes from vast scale dumping, but a significant amount comes from us leaving it on the beach. Check this out from Sarah Clarke in Cornwall sums things up

“So summer is here and I am constantly hearing visitors to our local beaches saying how much they love them and enjoy spending time on them but once the crowds have gone and the sun begins to set I walk the beaches picking up old bbq grills, old coffee cups.
If you all truly love the beaches you wouldn’t leave all of your rubbish littering the sand and being taken away by the tide to litter the sea and cause damage to animals whilst doing so. Please think of what you are doing as you enjoy your can of coca cola with your family around your disposable bbq- dispose of it in a bin. thats what they are there for. Us locals walk the beaches picking up after the tourists it shouldn’t be this way lets all enjoy our beaches together.”
Well said, if you take it to the beach, take it home.
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