Wilderness Rubbish – Nowhere is totally clean

The book that started off this project, Numb, took me and friends Ian Battrick and Timmy Turner to some epic places. The most incredible was the west coast of British Columbia. We were dropped off for up to a couple of months at a time, out of contact with the world, with supplies, boards, beer, a gun and some fishing rods. We sat through hurricane force storms, huge swells and some serious wildlife to score some epic waves. What amazes me looking back at the images, and pissed me off at the time was that despite the fact we were hours from civilisation, and hundreds of miles from anything resembling a major human population centre, the beaches still had plastic on them. The two shots of the bears illustrate it best, white plastic oil containers and a big gulp cup, and a large piece of plastic pipe, there were a load of these not he beach after a storm.

b1 b2


Ian Battrick on one of the waves we sat in the wilderness for
Local Pete Devries



Been overwhelmed by the support for the project, on an industry level and from individuals. If you’d like me to come and do a talk/slideshow about the adventure and the environmental side of this project drop me a line on timnunnphoto@gmail.com, if you’d like to support it, there are several ways, all of which give you unique access to photos that I’ll send back to you from places like Greenland, Iceland and Norway just hit this link – HELP!


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