Cornwall Part One


We’re off, the next leg of the plastic project begins thanks to your support and that of sponsors, if you signed up for a Digi or real postcard, you’ll be getting the first one this month, plus a lot more. The expeditions are set from now right through the winter, from Cornwall to Greenland and everywhere in between.

photo 5

Started off in Cornwall in the last couple of weeks and will be shooting there in the next few weeks. After so much litter was washed up by the exceptional storms over the winter, I wanted to see how much there was now, and not surprisingly there is still a constant stream of plastic. It’s incredible when you open your eyes just how many plastic bottles there are on our beaches.

photo 2

Over the next couple of weeks I’m going to shoot a lot of beaches in the south west, keep following the blog, I’m also going to be on BBC in a couple of weeks which I’ll let anyone know whose interested, and I’ll drop a calendar of early autumn talks as well shortly. If you want to get involved and support the project you can here – Support – Or if you’d be interested in hosting a talk on surf photography, adventure and marine pollution, just drop me a line

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