Where are we going and how you can follow?

It’s all about the whole of the North Atlantic and up into The Arctic, over the next 12 months or going to cover the whole lot from Newfoundland to Russia down to Northern Spain and everywhere in between, no point in doing something by halves.


The project is about bringing awareness of the problem through incredible images, surfing and the adventure behind it. So to follow all the usual channels, this blog is HQ, then I have a tim nunn photography Facebook page, @thegoosechase on twitter and @timnunnphoto on Instagram. As well as this you’ll be able to tune in through all of the sponsor blogs and social channels as well, as well as other media outlets.

Then beyond that I’ll also be touring giving some talks and slideshows, not just about litter, about the adventure and the photography behind it as well, so there will be something for everyone, I’ll have a rolling calendar for these events as they come up, but the first one is looking like it will be with SAS in september.


So tune in here regularly for hell shots, and adventure as well as to receive the latest on this project.


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