The Beginning

It all started whilst I was shooting my book Numb, myself and buddy Ian Battrick spent six years living rough in Scotland, Norway, Iceland and Canada. Having full on wilderness adventures, getting caught in volcanic eruptions, dealing with extreme weather, finding epic waves and going to places of astounding natural beauty. It was epic, but after a while I realised it didn’t matter how out of the way I got, there was still marine litter, sometimes on the beach sometimes in the water and at times up to four feet deep on the beach.

Looks like a perfect point, and it is. On the Greenland Sea there is only small local population, unyet check out the rocks, orange, red, green and yellow plastic litter the shoreline.


It was everything from plastic to oil drums, Coke bottles to MacDonalds cartons, in places where they had obviously had to travel thousands of miles to get to. Once back I started giving talks around my adventures to full houses, not just of surfers either, and I started to talk about the litter we found everywhere. Immediately folk were engaged, and it was obvious this was a great way to get the message across, and it is a very serious one.

Who knows how long this had been drifting at sea, a not so remote beach in Norway.


The problem with a lot of very good environmental causes is they reel off stats at people, like there are 40-50k pieces of marine litter in every square mile of the Atlantic, that’s a lot but when mixed in with the overwhelming stats of doom and gloom in everyday life it gets lost. But by showing images of amazing places, linking it in with surf, and adventure and you then have a captive audience. This is all about helping to spread the word on the problem, show people what an amazing world we are damaging and hopefully inspiring people to do something about it and making them realise they are the solution.

Somewhere in Iceland, Ian Battrick punting on a beach which was literally littered in plastic fishing buoys, the sort commercial boats cut lose for a laugh.

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