This whole project is mostly begin done off my own back, but I’m lucky enough to have had some companies come on board to give me a helping hand with gear and travel expenses. Check them all out below, you’ll be able to follow the adventures through their social media and blogs as well as here.

I am also getting anyone who wants to be involved with the project involved, and you can take part in crowd funding the project, check out the details here –

Just click the logos to see more front here guys.

new bold board luna logo  Epic wetsuits that will deal even with shooting int he high Arctic, thanks for the continued support guys, check their suits out here – Lunasurf

Image – It’s no joke getting changed in the Arctic, thanks to the guys at Dry Robe it will be easier, with gear and funding support for the project –

Image Environmentally concerned company making some sick threads and helping fund the project.


Image Makers of epic tents, and providing the shelter from Greenland to Russia

logo.png Have backed me for years with the best gear for keeping dry and warm going.



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